Virginia Lane Residence

Our client purchased a contemporary house in Cecil Township and we were tasked to provide a variety of improvements that enabled extended visits with her son & grandchild. Additions were designed to integrate with the existing contemporary home.

Improvements included the following:
  • Two story addition with green roof which provided for a large 2nd master bedroom suite with a recording studio below accessed by a new glass enclosed stair.
  • A new 3 car garage set into the side of a hill with green roof which included the addition of retaining walls which provided for a basketball court, guest parking, a vehicular turnaround space, reducing the problem of backing out of a 400 ft. driveway.
  • Addition of exterior pool & pool house to the rear of the property. Our services included the detailed complex design of a fully complex pool which was eliminated from the program because of cost.

Regrettably, after complete Construction Documents & Bidding the project was delayed and ultimately abandoned as our client’s priorities changed.