Mt. Lebanon Public Library

Mt. Lebanon's original 13,000 sq. ft. library was built in 1962. The concrete, brick, and glass skinned building had outgrown the needs of the Mt. Lebanon community. A program was developed by the municipality with the assistance of Library Consultants, Inc. which included a 16,000 sq. ft. expansion of all programmatic elements including stacks, reading rooms, children’s library, staff area, and public meeting areas.

Given the limited site, an agreement was negotiated with the adjoining property owner: (a local Presbyterian Church) to develop a common access drive and shared parking lot on Church property. This agreement eliminated the existing library’s access drive and provided the necessary area to expand the outgrown library. Rather than attempting to make a transition from the existing building to new construction, the existing building was stripped to the steel frame allowing for a seamless renovation and addition to the existing building. Spaces and rooms of varying special volumes are defined by structural systems and regulated by light levels to provide a variety of spaces intended for individuals or groups to experience both social and educational opportunities. A clearly articulated two story circulation gallery links the separate and distinct volumes including the Children’s Library and Main Library at the upper level, and staff areas and public meeting rooms at the lower level. The Library opened its doors in 1996 & from what we hear Mt. Lebanon residents continue to enjoy & take pride in the facility.  



AIA Pittsburgh Chapter Honor, Award for Design Excellence

“Rarely are projects completed to provide so much satisfaction. We have a beautiful functional building to house our stellar library program & services. You have won much-deserved recognition, and a standard of quality has been established for the community.”

- Barbara Logan , Former Commissioner
Mt. Lebanon